Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Review

The Counter-Strike series has been around for over 10 years. It has been mostly known as a PC game, but previous Counter-Strike games have been on consoles before like the X-Box. Valve with their latest entry of Counter-Strike is available on the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. The formula for this game is perfection so it never really changes like fine wine counter-strike series gets better as it ages. Lets just say this fine wine has a great visual and it taste great

Counter-Strike has always been a very addictive game, and CS:GO follows its predecessors in that aspect. The Counter-Strike games are always known for its steep learning curve, and it takes alot of practice to be good in this game. This game is an online multiplayer game that is very competitive compared to other shooters. CS:GO offers a couple of game types and modes that can ease Gamers into the game. The modes that are friendly for newcommers and people that want to polish their skills and get familiar with guns are; Arms race, and the newly added team deathmatch. The game mode "Arms Race" is a lot like the game type called "Gun Game". In this deathmatch mode all players start with the same gun, but once you score a kill player gets a new gun to try out. Then rinse and repeat this mode is really good for getting players to get familirized with the guns, the feel of them, and how to use them properly. Then team deathmatch is like your standard team deathmatch mode in other FPS games
Arms Race great mode to tryout new guns
This game also offers the game mode demolition. In this mode players are separated into two teams, and they have to either protect the bomb site or they have to plant the C4 at the bomb site. This game mode right here is the heart of Counter Strike, and that's no different than CS:GO. This game mode influenced many other FPS games to have a demolition game type in their game. In this mode every player has 1 live per round, and you either win by eliminating the entire time, defusing the bomb, or by planting the bomb at bomb site.
Demolition game mode is the heart of the Counter-Strike series
First time in the series Counter-Strike series they will be offering matchmaking and a ranking system with leaderboards. Players get ranked when they play in classic competitive mode. For players to get ranked in this mode they have to win 5 matches, and after 5 matches based on your performance you will get your ranking. In this mode you either play defuse or rescue, in the defuse game type its demolition  Then in rescue mode counter terrorist have to free the hostages the terrorist team are holding captive. In competitive mode players will be engaged in teams of 5 and players that leave their game will be punished in their rankings. It is very wise for players to play in classic casual because in this mode it helps the player get their feet wet and used to the game. In competitive mode players will be facing stiffer competition compared to casual

Many classic maps in other Counter-Strike games are back in this game and they are revamped with HD visuals. The classic maps that are back in this game are Aztec (defuse), Dust (defuse), Dust 2 (defuse), Inferno (defuse), Train (defuse), Italy (Rescue), and Office (rescue). Valve also created 8 new maps for this game, and every map is enjoyable. The maps that I feel the community love the most is Dust and Dust 2. These two maps are classic maps, that are probably the most played maps in any multiplayer game ever created. Such a classic map that must be played daily, this map is the definition that simplicity can easily translate to many mediums.  
I never seen the map CS_Office look this good

This game is very similar on Xbox 360 and PS3 only difference is it doesn't have a community like their PC big brother. For the console version of this game I give the edge to the PS3 because you can hook up a mouse and keyboard to play it. That is very crucial in Counter-Strike because this game prides itself on precision  Using a controller for this game doesn't provide players with the precision they need to be successful in this game, I feel that it hinders the player's experience in the game. Xbox 360 doesn't allow users to hook up a mouse and keyboard so I advise console gamers to get this game on the PS3 if they have a choice. Also another important thing about CS:GO on the Xbox 360 the game blocks party chat because they want to maintain the integrity of the game. Also by blocking party chat this game forces other players on the Xbox 360 to communicate with each other, which is very important in this skilled based shooter.


Counter-Strike go is the most accessible Counter-Strike game for players to play. I feel that they made the game more user friendly, which translated to a well polish game that can be played by the pros and newcomers to the series. With revamped HD visual this is easily the best looking Counter-Strike game. Even though the graphics for this game doesn't compare to other FPS multiplayer game I still think the game looks good, but not amazing. I do feel that its refreshing to see a good looking Counter-Strike game. Lastly, if the Counter-Strike formula isn't broken don't fix it. This game shows that this barebones shooter that doesn't have many bells and whistles still offers one of the best multiplayer experiences in video games in general

Overall Score


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