The Art of The NOOB

By Nikida Wright

Don't you just hate noobs?! You can always tell who is a noob in a game it's like they have a code of conduct to follow “The Art of the Noob”. I swear to the gaming gods they are always messing up things for us awesome, talented, well-seasoned professionals like us. I mean I'm not calling myself awesome... well I am, if you don't reach AWESOME status stay far! Especially in COD they have one kill but have been killed like 42 times! When my team loses It’s not because the opposing team was better it’s because I have three noobs who don’t know the art of the kill. They don’t even know that the radar at the bottom of the screen will lead you to the enemy! It’s absolutely terrible. It's a hot war out here ladies and gentlemen only the strong survive and if you're a noob just plan your funeral from now because you're not making the cut my friends.

Well-Seasoned Player

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