Are the Halo 4 Map Packs worth it?

Halo series has been known for its mulitplayer, and very well known for iconic maps in their games. Many Halo fans have been complaining about the map structures in their last 2 installments because they can't match up to the quality of Halo 2 and 3 maps.

With the launch of Halo 4 many feel that maps haven't lived up to the expectations of the Halo series. I feel that the maps are good and not great. The large maps in the game are great, but the quality drops when you play on medium to small size maps

Halo 4 Map "Wreckage" landscape looks elegant
343 Industries started their "War Games Pass", which means users that pay for a pass get access to these maps when they launch. It is bundled cheaper to get these maps rather than buying for each map pack individually.So far they have released the Crimson Map Pack
I feel that this map pack is not worth the admission because the maps don't really solve the problem of quality small and medium combat maps. It is not worth 800 Microsoft points, but I will still grab the map packs when they go on sale

343 Industries just released the "Majestic" map pack. This map pack is a much more improved map pack compared to the Crimson map pack. The maps are well designed and they create for great multiplayer moments

Monolith has that crystal blue persuasion because I am hooked on this map
The majestic map pack is beautiful it is worth the 800 Microsoft points, but I still advise you to buy the Halo 4 War games pass. Reason why is you will get all the Halo map packs at a bundled price, and that can help users save money

There are other planned map packs coming out for Halo 4 so it will be smart to buy the War games pass. Just to have access on all of those maps, and increase your chances of playing these maps through matchmaking.

Here is a brief look at the Halo 4 "Castle" map pack that comes out on April 8, 2013

Right now some classic Halo maps have appeared in this game. Classic maps like Lockout has appeared through matchmaking by users recreating the map for users to play. They have also released griftabll maps in the game. At the moment Halo 4 mulitplayer has improved, and its a game many Halo fans to get back into. I feel that 343 has improved the mistakes they had at launch of the game

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