Battlefield 4 Reveal trailer

The official reveal trailer for battlefield 4 has been released. We can already see this game is going to have high octane action. Its amazing the graphics that are being displayed in this game. It looks like some PC gamers might have to upgrade their rigs to experience this game at its finest. The terrain and physics look much improved than Battlefield 3's physics and terrain. One last thing there is so much action going on in the screen right now, this trailer is for sure being showcased on the PC.
Screenshot of Battlefield 4 that were leaked earlier 
The song being played in this trailer is Jay Z ft Rihanna and Kanye West- Run This Town . This trialer shows that Dice wants to go for the crown for the top FPS game of the year. This game is slated to come out in the fall it will be available on the Xbox 360, PS3, and the PC. This game might be ported over to the PS4 and next gen Xbox console. Hopefully this game can come out for the Wii U because they need more AAA FPS games on their console

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  1. I honestly doubt this will make it to the Wii U

  2. I have heard reports that this game will not be appearing for the Wii U. That sucks for Nintendo fans