Call of Duty Black Ops 2 adding microtransaction to PS3 and PC

Microtransactions isn't a new thing for Black Ops because it has been previously released on the Xbox 360 beforehand. Black Ops 2 players were able to purcahse in game perks like extra slots to create more classes, and more space to upload images and videos to their channels. The price for adding these perks to your game were 160 Microsoft points ($2 US Dollars)
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These types of microtransactions are about to be released on the PS3 and PC versions of Black Ops 2. This will all be released for the PS3 and the PC version of Black Ops 2 on April 12, 2013. Also gamers on these platforms will be able to download Nuketown 2025 for free on April 12.

I know many gamers do not like the thought of microtransactions being involved in their games. In this case I don't mind because it doesn't provide players with unfair competitive advantage. Games that have these transactions that creates a pay to win incentive for gamers to go through microtransactions. Its great that this is only cosmetic bonuses because these are stuff I am sure Black Ops 2 gamers are willing to purchase. Many do complain that they need more class slots, and space to upload videos and images to their channel. In the future I hope Activision doesn't push gamers to go through microtransactions to obtain more class slots   when the game launches. I hope they continue to go with this route that allows gamers to obtain these class slots through their prestige system. Rather than having players pay for class slots, and give players the options to obtain classes if they want to pay for it

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